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How does a woman with a degree in civil engineering and a job in investment banking end up designing some of the most stylish and comfortable shoes for men? 

Glad you asked.

It all started in 2012 when a serious foot injury led me on a quest to find shoes that were comfortable still stylish... after all as a woman living in Manhattan style always trumped function. Not being able to find the shoes I needed, I drew on my resources to design and construct one myself. 

Post recovery, I went back to my job in banking and on hearing my story and new found love for shoe-making, my male co-workers asked me to make them dapper and comfortable shoes and sure I did. One pair of shoes at a time I began my foray into the brilliant and exciting world of men's shoes and accessories.  I realized that my path was taking me out of corporate corridors, beckoning me to a nest where creativity, commitment to excellence and pursuit of unblemished quality were to be my guiding principles.

So when you ask how I got here, it's simple, people say follow your dreams they know the way, I know mine did. 


                                                       Arveena Ahluwalia
                                                                            CEO & Founder, ARVEE NYC




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